Amanda Kissel

Dr. Amanda Kissel is a quantitative population ecologist at Conservation Science Partners, specializing in applied conservation issues ranging from threatened and endangered species recovery to forecasting the effects of climate change on currently stable populations. Amanda has 16 years of applied research experience across various landscapes in the Western US and Canada, and expertise in designing and implementing demographic studies and analyzing presence/absence, capture-mark-recapture, and count data for various species including birds, amphibians, and reptiles. Amanda’s experience ranges from integrating demographic models into decision support tools to guide recovery of Canada’s most endangered amphibian, the Oregon spotted frog, to developing Bayesian statistical models that predict daily hydroperiod of vernal pools in California to assess current and future suitability of vernal pools for wetland obligate species. Amanda has extensive experience communicating her work to both the general public and scientific community and working with stakeholders and managers to ensure that analyses are robust and meet the specific goals of the project.