Experts: More Diverse Science is Better Science

Congratulations to USGS Deputy Director, Dr. Aparna Bamzai-Dodson, on being quoted in an E&E news article. As an attendee of the annual conference of the American Geophysical Union, Bamzai-Dodson emphasized the importance of diverse groups in finding creative solutions to complex problems such as global warming. She is quoted as saying “There’s a lot of literature that has established that when teams of people are more diverse, you end up getting more creative and innovative solutions out of them… I think when you have such a daunting challenge as how to adapt to climate change, we need all the innovation we can possibly get.” She expands, noting the importance of not only diversifying the scientific community but also working in collaboration with diverse communities. The article entitled Experts: More diverse science is better science, highlights the opinion of many experts in attendance at the conference; on the importance of different voices within the scientific community towards equitable climate solutions. 

Read the article here.

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