Caitlin Littlefield

Caitlin Littlefield (she/her) is a Senior Scientist at Conservation Science Partners. She is a broadly trained landscape ecologist who works at the intersection of forest ecology, conservation biology, and climate change adaptation. She links field data, climate data, and landscape models to understand how forests and the wildlife species therein are responding to global change and to identify strategies for supporting these systems in an uncertain future while navigating various trade-offs (e.g., related to forest carbon). Underpinning all of Caitlin’s work is her deep commitment to inclusive and equitable conservation and solution-building. Caitlin received her PhD from the University of Washington, where she studied species range shifts and post-fire forest recovery under changing climatic conditions, and her MS from the University of Vermont. She has served as a research fellow with both the Northwest and Northeast CASCs and as a third-party forest carbon project verifier.