Molly Cross
Regional Administrator, NC CASC
Aparna Bamzai-Dodson
Assistant Regional Administrator
Jennifer Zavaleta Cheek
Assistant Professor, South Dakota State University
Caitlin Littlefield
Senior Scientist, Conservation Science Partners
Phil Higuera
Professor of Fire Ecology, University of Montana
Imtiaz Rangwala
Lead Climate Scientist, CU Boulder
Laura Edwards
South Dakota State Climatologist, South Dakota State University
Jennifer K. Balch
Director, ESIIL, University of Colorado Boulder
Seamus Land
Participatory Science Fellow
Janna Black
Tribal Climate Resilience Liaison
Megan Moore
Stakeholder Engagement Specialist
Kyra Clark-Wolf
Postdoctoral associate in ecology
Hailey Robe
NC CASC Program Assistant
Meagan Oldfather
USGS Climate Adaptation Specialist
Kynser Wahwahsuck
Tribal Climate Resilience Liaison
Nathan Quarderer
Interim Education Director, Earth Lab, CU Boulder
Ty Tuff
Data Scientist, CU Boulder
Ulyana Horodyskyj Peña
Communications Lead, CU Boulder
Elsa Culler
Education Trainer, CU Boulder
Jilmarie Stephens
Research Associate, Future of Fire Project, CU Boulder
Christy Miller Hesed
Regional Climate Adaptation Scientist, CU Boulder
Sarah Burton
USGS Data Scientist
Tony Ciocco
USGS Climate Adaptation Scientist
James Rattling Leaf, Sr.
Tribal Engagement Specialist
Stefan Tangen
NC CASC USGS Research Coordinator
Gabriel Senay
USGS/EROS Research Physical Scientist
Brian Miller
USGS Research Ecologist
William Travis
University Director, Adaptation Co-Lead, University of Colorado Boulder
Katherine Hegewisch
Project Scientist & Web Developer, University of California Merced
Jamie Peeler
Postdoc fellow
Shelley Crausbay
Climate Adaptation Specialist, USFS Office of Sustainability and Climate
Chelsea Nagy
Earth Lab Program Manager & Research Scientist, CU Boulder
Ben Livneh
Assistant Professor, Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering & Director, Western Water Assessment, CU Boulder
Wynne Moss
Biologist, USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center
Prasad Thota
Graduate Research Assistant, Climate Data, Tools and Science Support
Mitchell Eaton
USGS Research Ecologist
William Crawford
Alumnus, Environmental Studies, Tribal Climate Leaders Program Fellow
Shelby Ross
PhD Student, Department of Geography, Tribal Climate Leaders Program Fellow
Jane Wolken
University Deputy Director, University of Colorado Boulder
Amanda Cravens
USGS Research Social Scientist
Lisa Dilling
Associate Chief Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund
Heather Yocum
Lead Social Scientist, CU Boulder
Ida Clarke
MS Student, Environmental Engineering
Jennifer Balch
Director, Earth Lab, Associate Professor, Department of Geography
Clint Carroll
Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies, Center for Native American & Indigenous Studies (CNAIS)
William Crawford
MS Student, Environmental Studies
Lisa Dilling
NC CASC Adaptation Co-Lead & Professor, Environmental Studies Program
Shelby Ross
PhD Student, Department of Geography
Julie Ann Korak
Assistant Professor, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
James Rattling Leaf, Sr.
Consultant to Great Plains Tribal Water Alliance
Dr. Colleen E. Reid, PhD MPH
Assistant Professor, Department of Geography & Faculty Research Associate, Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS)
Heather Yocum
Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Lead, CU Boulder
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