The North Central Climate Adaptation Science Center is a partnership between the US Geological Survey, the University of Colorado Boulder and consortium partners, created to foster both innovation and applied research; researchers will focus on science in support of natural resource management, addressing tribal, federal, state and local needs. The North Central center is one of eight regional climate centers created to help meet the changing needs of land and resource managers across the country. It serves Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas and Nebraska. 



North Central CASC Receives Funding from the Community for Data Integration (CDI) for New “Climate Scenarios Toolbox”

With support from the USGS Community for Data Integration (CDI), researchers at the North Central CASC will develop and implement an efficient and robust “Climate Scenarios Toolbox” to help on-the-ground management partners access and interpret relevant climate data, assess resource vulnerabiliti

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Joint Stakeholder Committee Meeting

On June 25-26, the North Central CASC (NC CASC), along with the USDA Northern Plains Regional Climate Hub (Hub), will convene the

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NC CASC Education Lead Leah Wasser Receives Open Educator Award

Leah Wasser is the recipient of the 2019 CU Boulder Open Educator Award from the CU Student Government and the University Libraries.

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NC CASC Announces 2018 Projects

The U.S. Geological Survey is pleased to announce the following fiscal year 2018 projects funded via the North Central Climate Adaptation Science Center:  

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NC CASC University Director Jennifer Balch to be featured in PBS Nova episode, "Inside the Megafire"

NC CASC University Director Jennifer Balch will be featured in the Nova special, "Inside the Megafire", airing on PBS on May 8. "Drones are bringing a revolution to science, giving us a way to look at the forest that we’ve never had before", says Balch.

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New Product Showcases Implications of Climate Scenarios for Badlands National Park Resource Management

One of the biggest challenges facing resource managers today is not knowing exactly when, where, and how climate change effects will unfold.

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NC CASC members to present at National Adaptation Forum

Several members of the NC CASC will present at the National Adaptation Forum in Madison, WI, April 23-25:  

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