Funding Information



The North Central Climate Adaptation Science Center (NC CASC) provides funding and technical support for actionable science that directly supports climate adaptation planning for natural and cultural resource management.

The NC CASC also supports the work of eligible PIs within NC CASC Consortium to help achieve our Strategic Science priorities concerning climate-informed natural or cultural resource management, with a focus on fish, wildlife, and their habitats. Interested, eligible PIs (members of Consortium Organizations or USGS centers) should contact USGS Research Coordinator Stefan Tangen for more information.

USGS-Directed Research Funding, administered by the federal side of the NC CASC, is available periodically and supports climate adaptation research projects across the region. Member institutions of the NC CASC Consortium are eligible to submit proposals as the lead Principal Investigator, along with researchers from USGS entities (e.g., centers, field stations, laboratories, cooperative research units). Researchers from other organizations (federal, state, tribal, non-governmental and other) may participate in CASC-funded projects and receive funds via subawards, contracts or interagency agreements through an eligible organization. Sign up to receive email notifications about USGS Funding Opportunities