The NC CASC Rapid Climate Assessment Program (RCAP) aims to create a series of Rapid Climate Assessments (RCAs) which are a synthesis of science information that can be used as a baseline for further research and a foundation for future stakeholder engagement. These RCAs include key elements of collaborative climate adaptation science, including co-production by stakeholders and researchers, status and vulnerability assessments, and identification of challenges and solutions for the given topic.

Each RCA project is led by a team that includes NC CASC research scientists and graduate research assistants (GRAs). The Summer 2024 RCAP topics and teams are: 


  • Ecological Transformations in Sagebrush Ecosystems: Imtiaz Rangwala (NC CASC Lead), Kyra Clark-Wolf (NC CASC Co-Lead), Christy Miller Hesed (NC CASC Co-Lead), Katie Bardsley (GRA) and Lauren Lee Barrett (GRA)
  • Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument: Kyra Clark-Wolf (NC CASC Co-Lead), Imtiaz Rangwala (NC CASC Co-Lead) and Andrew Veselka (GRA)
  • Supporting the Biodiversity and Climate Change National Assessment: Laura Dee (CU Lead) and Anna LoPresti (GRA)
  • Tribal Planning Processes: Janna Black and Kynser Wahwahsuck (BIA Tribal Resilience Liaisons), Heather Yocum (NC CASC Lead) and Shelby Ross (GRA)
  • Synthesis of wildlife disease management under a changing climate: Wynne Moss (USGS and NC CASC Lead), Kimberly Szcodronski (Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, State Wildlife Action Plan Lead, Heather Yocum (NC CASC administrative) and Kyle Schutz (GRA)
  • Downscaled NCA5 Key Messages for Practitioners in the North Central Region: Hailey Robe (NC CASC program assistant), Jane Wolken (NC CASC), Imtiaz Rangwala (NC CASC), Ulyana Horodyskyj Peña (NC CASC), Corrie Knapp (University of Wyoming) 


Rapid Climate Assessment Program

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