Chelsea Nagy

Chelsea Nagy is a terrestrial ecologist and biogeochemist with a PhD from Brown University in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She is the Program Manager for Earth Lab and works to identify strategic science initiatives, funding opportunities, and university and other (e.g., government, non-profit) partnerships. Broadly, her research explores drivers of global change (e.g., land use change, climate change) and consequences for ecosystem structure, function, and composition. One of her current research projects integrates lidar, hyperspectral, and plot level plant cover data to explore the relationship between forest structural and functional diversity to biotic resistance to invasion in U.S. forests. She also recently completed a meta-analysis of the combined effects of cheatgrass invasion and fire on ecosystem carbon storage in sagebrush systems. Chelsea is the founder of the North Central Regional Invasive Species and Climate Change (NC RISCC ( ) Management Network. The goal of the NC RISCC is to develop a network of researchers, managers, policymakers, and other stakeholders that will co-produce the priority research needed for management of invasive species in a changing climate.