Stefan Tangen

Stefan Tangen is the NC CASC-USGS Research Coordinator, and is responsible for managing the portfolio of USGS-funded regional projects to broaden partnerships to include additional activities with federal, state, and academic institutions. 

Before this position, Stefan worked for the Great Plains Tribal Water Alliance for five years as the Tribal Resilience Liaison. He worked across the region to connect 32 Federally Recognized Tribal Nations to tools, information, and other resources for building resilience to anthropogenic climate change. 

Stefan received his Master of Natural Resource Management (MNRM) degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a focus on climate adaptation science and planning with Indigenous communities. Stefan’s expertise includes climate adaptation planning, culturally appropriate research processes, grant writing, and project management. Prior to his appointment Stefan worked in community development in Sierra Leone (RPCV 12'-14'), Samoa and the Philippines.