Strategic Science Planning

The North Central Climate Adaptation Science Center (NC CASC) supports and produces science that informs climate adaptation planning for natural and cultural resource managers in our seven-state region.

science planning

The NC CASC’s (draft) five year Strategic Science Plan (2023 - 2028) was generated based on the input of Advisory Committee members and other partners. It identifies four major ecosystems that will be the focus of our work, and six cross-cutting management issues that apply in all or most of these systems.

This array of ecosystems and management issues presents a workload larger than the NC CASC alone can address. To ensure that NC CASC-funded work has maximum impact with resources available and leverages additional efforts, we support:

  • science projects that inform climate adaptation issues of high priority to federal, state, or tribal resource managers, with the potential for significant economic, social, or ecological consequences;
  • actionable science that is collaboratively produced with partners and stakeholders toward an identifiable endpoint: a decision, plan, or other concrete use;
  • science that informs well-tailored specific solutions but that is also scalable and generalizable across ecosystems, resource management issues, and/or geographies; and
  • research that helps to translate science in to practice, such as identifying best practices for robust climate adaptation analytics, planning, and management.

The science strategy planning process is open for public comment and input. Your guidance will help us tailor our future activities, meet the most pressing natural resource planning needs, and provide the highest quality of service to the region. To contribute, contact Aparna Bamzai-Dodson.

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