2020 National Tribal and Indigenous Climate Conference

2020 National Tribal and Indigenous Climate Conference


Several members of the North Central Climate Adaptation Science Center (NC CASC) participated in last week’s 2020 National Tribal and Indigenous Climate Conference. The conference was the first ever national climate conference for Indigenous people and covered a variety of topics including renewable energy, emergency management, and water. The conference was hosted by the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) and boasted over 2,500 registered attendees throughout the week-long conference. The NC CASC was represented by USGS Deputy Director Aparana Bamzai-Dodson, Alisa Wade, James Rattling Leaf, Stefan Tangen and several consortium partners, including Molly Cross and Laura Edwards. All recordings from the conference can be located on ITEP’s website under the climate change section: http://www7.nau.edu/itep/main/tcc.

Trainings and Working Groups facilitated by the NC CASC team included:

Stefan Tangen, Alisa Wade: Montana Tribal Climate Change Cohort (Working Group), 9/14

Imtiaz Rangwala: How to Use Climate Model Projections (Training), 9/14

Stefan Tangen: Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Working Group: Preparing Future Generations of Indigenous Geoscience Professionals, Educators, and Workforce, 9/14

Stefan Tangen: Climate Adaptation Implementation Funding Input and Feedback (Working Group), 9/15

Aparna Bamzai, Stefan Tangen: Navigating the Climate Adaptation Science Centers: A National Network of Climate Adaptation Support for Tribes (Working Group), 9/15

James Rattling Leaf, Sr.: Our Relatives Can’t Read Maps: Increasing Tribal Input into the State Wildlife Action Plans (Working Group), 9/16

James Rattling Leaf, Sr.: Youth/Student Opportunities, 9/16