NC CASC members to present at National Adaptation Forum

NC CASC members to present at National Adaptation Forum


Several members of the NC CASC will present at the National Adaptation Forum in Madison, WI, April 23-25:


Tuesday, April 23:

Ecological drought: Tools for connecting risks to people and nature



Session Type: Symposium

Room: Lakeside Exhibition

Shelley Crausbay will be launching CSP's new app called ecoDIVA [ecoDrought Impacts, Vulnerability, and Adaptation]


Wednesday, April 24:

Are federal land managers ready and SET for stewarding ecological transformation?

8:00 to 10:30am

Session Type: Working Group

Room: Madison Ballroom C

Robin O'Malley and Shelley Crausbay are both part of this working group.


Linking the science of ecological transformation to RAD decisions

11:00am to 12:30pm

Session Type: Symposium
Room: Hall of Ideas E
Shelley Crausbay is leading this session, along with Robin and Steve Jackson. She will be giving a talk: "Synthesizing paleo-transformations to map today’s transformation risk" at 11:00, which will also introduce the link to the SET group in the previous session (listed above).


Utilizing Partnerships to Enhance Climate Monitoring and Drought Management on Tribal Lands

Session Type: Symposium
Room: Hall of Ideas H
James Rattling Leaf will be giving a talk: Facilitating Tribal Climate Change Adaptation Planning and Communicating Climate Change Impacts in the Great Plains.


Thursday, April 25:

Adaptation under Uncertainty: Advances in Scenario Planning for Adaptation Professionals 


Session Type: Working Group

Room: Madison Ballroom A
Brian Miller and Imtiaz Rangwala are conveners of the workshop. 

Collaboration and Adaptation Across Worldviews: case studies in co-producing and implementing science for management


Session Type: Symposium

Room: Hall of Ideas F
Aparna Bamzai will be moderating the panel discussion. 


A list of all CASC presentations can be found here.