New film: "Holding Back the Snowpack"

New film: "Holding Back the Snowpack"


A film, "Holding Back the Snowpack ," explores the suite of tools stakeholders in the Big Hole Valley are using to improve riparian habitat along the Big Hole River. (

The Big Hole Watershed Committee collaborates with a variety of partners to create life-giving wetlands in SW Montana. Taking cues from flood irrigation and beavers, natural water storage projects help us adapt to climate change by slowing spring runoff and soaking the soil sponge. The film highlights our pro-active work to increase the availability of water for all uses by making the most of abundant winter snowpack.

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Film production by FilmWest.

Project funding: The Wildlife Conservation Society, Natural Resourced Damage Program, Montana Department of Environmental Quality, Montana Watershed Coordination Council, and Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.

Project Partners and Contractors: BHWC, Water and Environmental Technologies, Watershed Consulting, Pioneer Technical, Morrison-Maierle, Basic Biological Services, and Montana Conservation Corps.


photo credit: Big Hole Watershed Committee