Recent NC CASC Publications

Recent NC CASC Publications


Recent NC CASC Publications: 

Diurnal and Seasonal Dynamics of Solar‐Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Vegetation Indices, and Gross Primary Productivity in the Boreal Forest, Pierrat, 2022, Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 

Incorporating USGS Web Cameras into the Phenocam Network to Enhance Scientific Understanding of Phenological Trends and Variability - Climate Adaptation Science Centers

Bradford: Landscape-scale forest restoration decreases vulnerability to drought mortality under climate change in southwest USA ponderosa forest, McCauley, 2022, Forest Ecology and Management
With this project: Mapping the Risk of Ecological Transformation Across Pinyon Woodlands and the U.S. West 

Henessey: Grassland easement evaluation and acquisition with uncertain conversion and conservation returns, Miao, 2022, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics/Revue 
With this project: Informing the Identification of Economically Effective Targets for Grassland Conservation in the Dakotas 

Muthukrishnan: Harnessing NEON to evaluate ecological tipping points: Opportunities, challenges, and approaches, ESA - NC CASC funded

Jaeger: From flowering to foliage: Accelerometers track tree sway to provide high-resolution insights into tree phenology, 2022, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
With this project: Continued Capacity Building in the North-Central U.S.: Tribal Engagement and PhenoCam Analysis

Murky waters: divergent ways scientists, practitioners, and landowners evaluate beaver mimicry, Pfaeffle, 2022, Ecology and Society
With this project: Identifying Characteristics of Actionable Science for Drought Planning and Adaptation 

Eyes on the herd: Quantifying ungulate density from satellite, unmanned aerial systems, and GPS collar data, Graves, 2022, ESA
With this project: Predicting Future Forage Conditions for Elk and Mule Deer in Montana and Wyoming 

Travis, Balch: U.S. fires became larger, more frequent, and more widespread in the 2000s, Iglesias, Science Advances