Status of Tribes and Climate Change (STACC) Report

Status of Tribes and Climate Change (STACC) Report


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Release Date: Tuesday, August 31, 2021

STACC Report Summary:
The Status of Tribes and Climate Change (STACC) Report seeks to uplift and honor the voices of Indigenous peoples across the U.S. to increase understanding of Tribal lifeways, cultures, and worldviews, the climate change impacts Tribes are experiencing, the solutions they are implementing, and ways that all of us can support Tribes in adapting to our changing world. The STACC Report was written for diverse audiences including Tribal managers, leaders, and community members, the authors of future National Climate Assessments (NCA); federal and state agencies and decision makers; and non-governmental organizations. Over 90 authors representing diverse entities and perspectives contributed to this report, including the authors of 34 personal narratives and author teams who wrote topic reviews using elements from their own experiences and knowledge as well as information from the most current peer reviewed literature. The development of the STACC Report was coordinated by the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP), which was established in 1992 at Northern Arizona University (NAU). The report was developed with a cooperative agreement with the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Tribal Climate Resilience Program (BIA’s TCRP).

Informational Webinars: Future events will include a STACC release webinar and subsequent webinars featuring impact chapters and respective authors and Tribal narrative authors. More information is coming soon.

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