Survey for Resource Managers

Survey for Resource Managers


Closing the Gap Between Climate Change Ecology Research and Resource Management

Please consider supporting this effort and graduate student science by taking the following, anonymous, 10-minute survey:

This survey was created by Chiara Forrester, a graduate student at the University of Colorado who is funded by a National Science Foundation internship with Sasha Reed of the U.S. Geological Survey to conduct this work. The goal of the project is to determine what climate change ecologists can do to improve the usability of their research by managers. We know you are incredibly busy but the survey is totally anonymous and takes only 10 minutes! We are hoping to meaningfully synthesize the needs of federal resource managers for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, to present these results in an open-to-the public webinar, and to inform an online tool that will help scientists discover research topics critical for management. Thus, the more responses we receive, the more impactful this research can be.

If you have any survey questions or would like additional information, please contact Chiara ( or Sasha ( at any time. Thank you very much for considering this request and for your vital input!