Jennifer K. Balch
University Director
Molly Cross
Director of Climate Change Adaptation, Wildlife Conservation Society
Shelley Crausbay
Lead Scientist, Conservation Science Partners
Alisa Wade
Research Coordinator, USGS
Jenny Briggs
Community Outreach Program Manager, CU Boulder
Dawn Umpleby
Executive Assistant, CU Boulder
Stefan Tangen
Tribal Resilience Liaison/Consultant to Great Plains Tribal Water Alliance
Gabriel Senay
Research Physical Scientist, USGS/EROS
Brian Miller
Research Ecologist, USGS
Aparna Bamzai-Dodson
USGS Deputy Director
Jenny Palomino
Course Developer and Trainer, CU Boulder
Maxwell Joseph
Open Science Architect, CU Boulder
Heather Yocum
Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Lead, CU Boulder
Imtiaz Rangwala
Climate Science Lead, CU Boulder
Lisa Dilling
Adaptation Co-Lead, University of Colorado Boulder
Laura Edwards
South Dakota State Climatologist, South Dakota State University
Phil Higuera
Associate Professor, University of Montana
James Rattling Leaf, Sr.
Consultant to Great Plains Tribal Water Alliance
William Travis
Adaptation Co-Lead, University of Colorado Boulder
Leah Wasser
Education Lead, University of Colorado Boulder
Academic Partners
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Regional Conservation Partners
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